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Inspirational Eagle Quotes | There is a very famous saying “eagles fly to the height from which the rest of the birds return”. There is a big difference between other birds and eagles that separates the two and that is attitude.

We humans can learn a lot from eagle-like:

  • Focus on your target and achieve it.
  • No matter how bad the weather is, don’t let that put a damper on your flight.
  • Overcome your prey by the way you hunt and by showing confidence in your eyes.
  • Always fly high
  • Look as far as you can.

Eagle has the highest quality of leadership as compared to all other birds. Just as in animals the tiger is different from all other animals, in the same way, the eagle is different from the rest of the birds.

The eagle always symbolizes strength, courage, and immortality. It appears in many institutions, on military insignia, and on challenge coins, such as navy challenge coins, police challenge coins etc.

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Let’s bring motivation in our life with these eagle quotes.

Inspirational Eagle Quotes And Sayings

“Only the weak give up.”

– Unknown

“Comfort is the enemy of achievement.”

– Unknown

“Everybody wants to be a beast, until it’s time to do what real beasts do.”

– Unknown

“The Eagle does not escape the storm. The Eagle simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It spreads its mighty wings and rises on the winds that bring the storm.”

– Jack White

“Don’t look down, it’s an impossible view; Fly like an eagle whatever you do.”

– Mos Def

“An eagle uses the negative energy of a storm to fly even higher.”

– Eric Thomas

“The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror!”

– Joyce Meyer

“Celebrate your success and stand strong when adversity hits, for when the storm clouds come in, the eagles soar while the small birds take cover.”

– Napoleon Hill

“Don’t quack like a duck, soar like an eagle.”

– Ken Blanchard

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar.”

– Carl Sandburg

“If you want to soar like an eagle in life, you can’t be flocking with the turkeys.”

– Warren Buffett

“You need eagles wings to get over things that make no sense in this world.”

– Tom Petty

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes.”

– E. F. Schumacher

“God created us with an overwhelming desire to soar. Our desire to develop and use every ounce of potential He’s placed in us is not egotistical. He designed us to be tremendously productive and “to mount up with wings like eagles,” realistically dreaming of what He can do with our potential.”

– Carol Kent

“The eagle has no liberty; he only has loneliness.”

– Gilbert K. Chesterton

Inspirational Eagle Quotes And Sayings

“If you want to fly with the eagles, don’t swim with the ducks!”

– T. Harv Eker

“Each man is good in His sight. It is not necessary for eagles to be crows.”

Sitting Bull

“Leaders are like eagles… they don’t flock. You’ll find them one at a time.”

– Knute Rockne

“We must especially beware of that small group of selfish men who would clip the wings of the American Eagle in order to feather their own nests.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

“And alone and without his nest shall the Eagle fly across the sun.”

– Khalil Gibran

“Eagles fly where lesser birds cannot fly, so eagles can do what lesser birds cannot do.”

– T. D. Jakes

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“Don’t be a pigeon if you were born to be an eagle. Experience God’s altitude for your life.”

– Myles Munroe

“Great men are like eagles, and build their nest on some lofty solitude.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer

“Life seeks life and loves life. The opening of a catkin of a willow, in the flight of the butterfly, in the chirping of a tree-toad or the sweep of an eagle – my life loves to see how others live, exults in their joy, and so far is partner in their great concern.”

– Edward Everett Hale

“You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren.”

– William Henry Hudson

“I like to be a tiger roaming the jungle or an eagle soaring the skies.”

– Sol Campbell

“Don’t quack like a duck, soar like an eagle.”

– Ken Blanchard

“You know, I’m an eagle, flying around in the mountains.”

– Link Wray

Eagle Quotes And Sayings

“I love the water. Everything about it. Smelling the humidity in the air, seeing the mist rise in the morning, feeling the dew-wet grass on my bare feet. I love watching the fish jump and the geese land. We even have an eagle here that circles every so often.”

– Lori Foster

“Houston, Tranquillity Base here. The Eagle has landed.”

– Neil Armstrong

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud.”

– Carl Sandburg

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“I’m the Eagle: I can fly.”

– Eddie the Eagle

“The skills I acquired in Southeastern Louisiana University, Thrifty Drugs, Pacific Mutual, along with knowing the history, behavior and local staff, helped make Golden Eagle a success story.”

– Roger Wang

“I am also the product of a place called Paint Creek. Doesn’t have a zip code. It’s too small to be called a town along the rolling plains of Texas. We grew dryland cotton and wheat, and when I wasn’t farming or attending Paint Creek Rural School, I was generally over at Troop 48 working on my Eagle Scout award.”

– Rick Perry

“Each sector of the border faces unique geographical, cultural and technological challenges that would be best addressed with a flexible, sector-by-sector approach that empowers the Border Patrol agents on the ground with the resources they need. What you need in San Diego is very different from what you need in Eagle Pass, Tex.”

– Will Hurd

“In the third month, the sun rising, the Boar and the Leopard on the field of Mars to fight; The tired Leopard raises its eye to the heavens, sees an eagle playing around the sun.”

– Nostradamus

“The Eagle has landed.”

– Neil Armstrong

Be Like Eagle Quotes

“One of the things that’s unique about Louisiana politics is that people here have a much more realistic attitude about who their politicians are. They know they are human and not saints or Mormons or Eagle Scouts.”

– Mark Frost

“Kanye is the leading eagle: he’s like the president who stands up for kids like us who have ideas.”

– Travis Scott

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“I got my first tattoo when I was 19. The one on my shoulder is an eagle. I’d go to the beach, and I’d take off my shirt, and I’d almost feel self-conscious because nobody out there had tattoos except my buddies, the guys who rode motorcycles. American-made bikes, mainly.”

– Lorenzo Lamas

“‘Eagle vs Shark’ is a little film I could take risks with and make mistakes on.”

– Taika Waititi

“I’m afraid Eddie the Eagle was before my time. All I know is that his glasses were three times thicker than mine, but I can jump three times further than he did.”

– Simon Ammann

“Striking a balance between wildlife conservation and wind energy development starts with understanding threats to eagle populations and how our actions, including operating wind farms, are affecting them.”

– Frances Beinecke

“The most amazing lesson in aerodynamics I ever had was the day I climbed a thermal in a glider at the same time as an eagle. I witnessed, close up, effortlessness and lightness combined with strength, precision and determination.”

– Norman Foster

“I had a Dan Fouts Nike poster with ‘The Bomb Squad’ on my wall as a kid. I was also a huge Larry Bird fan. One of my proudest art achievements is a papier-mache eagle decked out head-to-toe in Celtics gear.”

– Timothy Olyphant

“American Eagle clothing is stylish, flattering and all about embracing your individuality.”

– Shay Mitchell

Eagle Motivational Quotes and sayings

“We’ll go out and we’ll be playing in front of 15,000 people and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to do three new songs from something we just recorded’ and 5,000 people get up and go get a hot dog and a beer and they don’t come back until they hear the opening strings of ‘The Joker’ or ‘Fly Like an Eagle.'”

– Steve Miller

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“Liberals would prefer it if the bald eagle on the Great Seal was holding olive branches in both talons, or, better, an olive branch in one, and maybe a soft cushion in the other, to entice our enemies to lie down and snooze.”

– Mike Gallagher

“‘War Eagle’ is like ‘I love you.'”

– Charles Barkley

“My parents always wanted me to do the right thing. My mom, I think her exact words were, ‘You’re not a chicken in the coop playing in the scraps, you’re an eagle.’ I was like, ‘Oh, OK… ‘ But really, I’ve used that throughout my life.”

– J. J. Redick

“You can’t soar like an eagle when you surround yourself with turkeys.”

– Unknown

“Your eyes shows the strength of your soul.”

– Unknown

“Life begins where fears end.”

– Unknown

“Stronger than yesterday.”

– Unknown

“All birds find shelter during rain,but Eagles avoid rain by flying above the clouds.problems are common,but attitude makes the difference.”

– Unknown

“If you hangout with chickens,you’re going to cluck and if you hangout with eagles,you’re going to fly.”

– Unknown

“Never forget who you are.”

– Unknown

“Don’t be a parrot in life, be an eagle. A parrot talks way too much and can’t fly high, but an eagle is silent and has the will power to touch the sky.”

– Unknown

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“Feed your focus.”

– Unknown

“Focus on your goals like your life depends on it.”

– Unknown

“Prove yourself to yourself, not others.”

– Unknown

Fly High Like An Eagle Quotes

“Starve your distractions, feed your focus.”

– Unknown

“May you soar on eagle wings,high above the madness of the world.”

– Unknown

“Eagles don’t fly with the pigeons.”

– Unknown

“I am strong,because I’ve been weak.I am fearless,because I’ve been afraid.i am wise,because I’ve been foolish.”

– Unknown

“Eagles don’t take flight lessons from chicken.”

– Unknown

“There is an eagle in me, that wants to soar.”

– Unknown

“Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered .Eagles fly alone pigeons flock together.”

– Unknown

“Those who fly solo have the strongest wings.”

– Unknown

“Eagle use the negative energy of storm to fly even higher.”

– Unknown

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“I am an Eagle Scout. I am very proud of that. When I was in college I worked summers in a Boy Scout summer camp. I was a nature conservation director.”

– Andrew R. Wheeler

“With ‘Eagle of the Ninth,’ every shot was extremely planned and organized. The director was like, ‘Do this!’ And I say, ‘How was it?’ and he says, ‘Good.’ It was very odd. I would never know where he was headed, or even if he was shooting me at a close-up or from a distance.”

– Tahar Rahim

“I feel like an eagle eye when I watch my fellow talent because I believe in grass roots, putting 100 percent in when the camera is on or not on.”

– Drew McIntyre

“I want to get a wolf and an eagle.”

– Barry Keoghan

“Keep your energy focused on your goals and dreams.”

– Unknown

“First I shall name the eagle, of which there are three species: the great grey eagle is the largest, of great strength and high flight; he chiefly preys on fawns and other young quadrupeds.”

– William Bartram

Eagle inspirational  Quotes

“I will say that Edward Norton, who plays the scout master, would be a first-rate Eagle Scout. He’s got all those techniques. If your plane crashes into the jungle somewhere, he would be the guy you would want to have with you.”

– Wes Anderson

“Yeah, I was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa. My parents lived in a little town called Eagle Grove. My mom taught high school and my dad was an instructor at the community college.”

– Katie Porter

“As the eagle was killed by the arrow winged with his own feather, so the hand of the world is wounded by its own skill.”

– Helen Keller

“I believe in reincarnation. In my last life I was a peasant. Next time around, I’d like to be an eagle. Who hasn’t dreamed they could fly? They’re a protected species, too.”

– Lee Trevino

Motivational eagle quotes with images

“The Golden Eagle, which has universally been considered as a bird of most extraordinary powers of flight, is in my estimation little more than a sluggard, though its wings are long and ample.”

– John James Audubon

“I’m going to retire as an Eagle.”

– LeSean McCoy

“In a pine tree behind me, an eagle waits out the rain, hunched into himself, brooding. Crows squabble, a murder chasing a raven. Seals cruise the lines of fishing nets bobbing in the water, hoping for an easy meal, the tender bellies of salmon.”

– Eden Robinson

“You can put wings on a pig, but you don’t make it an eagle.”

– William J. Clinton

“The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror!”

– Joyce Meyer

“Eagles don’t catch flies.”

– Desiderius Erasmus

“When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius; lift up thy head!”

– William Blake

Eagle Pictures With motivational Quotes

“Like two eagles soar as one upon the river of the wind with the promise of forever, we will take the past and learn how to begin.”

– Pocahontas

“The foolish think the Eagle weak, and easy to bring to heel. The Eagle’s wings are silken, but its claws are made of steel.”

– Sidney Sheldon

“We are part of the earth and it is part of us. The perfumes flowers are our sisters; the deer, the horse, the great eagle: these are our brothers. All things are connected like the blood which unites one’s family.”

– Chief Seattle

“Even if death were to fall upon you today like lightning, you must be ready to die without sadness and regret, without any residue of clinging for what is left behind. Remaining in the recognition of the absolute view, you should leave this life like an eagle soaring up into the blue sky.”

– Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“You know, I’m an eagle, flying around in the mountains.”

– Link Wray

“It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys.”

– Adam Sandler

“Eagles are very tolerant and very adaptable, but they have to get established first. When birds are setting up their breeding territory, they are the most susceptible to being discouraged.”

– Jim Elliot

“Among my activities was membership in the Boy Scouts; I rose each year through the ranks, eventually achieving the rank of Eagle Scout and undertaking leadership roles in the organization.”

– Frederick Reines

“Eagles are seagulls with a good hairdo.”

– Douglas Coupland

“I want my life to move on. On the other hand, I can’t say no to offers, not when I’m getting £50,000 a year to be Eddie the Eagle.”

– Eddie the Eagle

Some more Inspirational Eagle Quotes And Sayings

“Spring One. Spring One. I am Eagle. I am Eagle. I can hear you very well. I feel excellent. My feeling is excellent.”

– Gherman Titov

“The plainest print cannot be read through a gold eagle.”

– Abraham Lincoln

“There’s a lust in man, no charm can tame, of loudly publishing our neighbor’s shame.”


“The day is done, and the darkness Falls from the wings of Night, As a feather is wafted downward From an eagle in his flight.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Eagle rises to the top of the precipice with its wings; man, to the top of the honour, with his morals!”

– Mehmet Murat Ildan

“Leaders take eagles and teach them to fly in formation.”

– D. Wayne Calloway

“Fly, on your way, like an eagle / Fly as high as the Sun.”

– Bruce Dickinson

“A lover’s eyes will gaze an eagle blind.”

– William Shakespeare

“But of course, what the eagle does not realize is that it is participating in a very crude form of natural selection.One day a tortoise will learn how to fly.”

– Terry Pratchett

“I was born by God’s dear grace, in an extraordinary place. Where the stars and stripes, and the eagle fly.”

– Aaron Tippin

“And little eagles wave their wings in gold.”

– Alexander Pope

“Larry Flynt, running for governor of California. His goal – change our state bird to the spread eagle.”

– Craig Kilborn

“I dream of eagles and bring forth sparrows.”

– Truman Capote

“The haft of the arrow had been feathered with one of the eagle’s own Lures. We often give our enemies the means of our own destruction.”

– Aesop

“The world is grown so bad, That wrens make prey where eagles dare not perch.”

– William Shakespeare

Eagle positive and Attitude Quotes

“My first figure was a SLAYER eagle. And the dragons and the tribals are all I have got.”

– Kerry King

“If the Eagles were to get back together, it would have to be for the right reasons. I think it would look awful if it were just for the money.”

– Glenn Frey

“I’m certainly not thrilled with everything the Eagles did, but there are some things I’m quite proud of.”

– Don Henley

“The Eagles ended on a rather abrupt note, although in retrospect I realize now that it had been ending for quite some time.”

– Don Henley

“The bird of Jove, stoop’d from his aery tour, Two birds of gayest plume before him drove.”

– John Milton

“They say, ‘The coward dies many times’; so does the beloved. Didn’t the eagle find a fresh liver to tear in Prometheus every time it dined?”

– C. S. Lewis

“A voice cannot carry the tongue and the lips that gave it wings. Alone must it seek the ether. And alone and without his nest shall the eagle fly across the sun.”

– Khalil Gibran

“America is still an eagle, and she’s ready to soar again.”

– Ronald Reagan

“Like the eagle, we (artists) must be able to see clearly.”

– Jack White

“Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him.”

– Kenneth Wapnick

“Do you know who taught the eagles to find their prey? Well, that same God teaches His hungry children to find their Father in His Word.”

– William Tyndale

live like an eagle | eagle motivational quotes

“I think the Jets came in with a legitimate offer. At that point, I hadn’t had one from the Eagles. I had to think, ‘I’ve really got to work up here [in New York]? Do you really want to deal with that on a weekly basis?”

– Jon Runyan

“The eagle may soar; beavers build dams.”

– Bill Vaughan

“I am an anti-imperialist. I am opposed to having the eagle put its talons on any other land.”

– Mark Twain

“The chimpanzees in the zoos do it, Some courageous kangaroos do it Let’s do it, let’s fall in love. I’m sure giraffes on the sly do it, Even eagles as they fly do it, Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.”

– Cole Porter

“Shall eagles not be eagles? wrens be wrens? If all the world were falcons, what of that? The wonder of the eagle were the less, But he not less the eagle.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

“The ‘Crue’ is not the hardest band to cover. There are no harmonies like the Eagles.”

– Brian Miller

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