Linda Evangelista is back for British Vogue cover shoot.

Linda Evangelista makes Vogue return after cosmetic disaster.

"I miss my work so much, but honestly, what can I do? It isn’t going to be easy," Evangelista told the fashion outlet in an interview.

Evangelista said. "And I can’t walk around with tape and elastics everywhere."

Now Linda Evangelista has returned to the fashion bible – six years after she was left ‘deformed’.

She told the magazine: “That’s not my jaw and neck in real life – and I can’t walk around with tape and elastics everywhere. 

The shoot comes nearly a year after Miss Evangelista revealed she had been sent into a ‘cycle of deep depression’ after suffering a rare reaction .

She added: “Am I cured mentally? Absolutely not. But I’m so grateful for the support I got from my friends and from my industry”