Kangana Ranaut to sue Filmfare magazine even after it removes her from Best Actress nomination.

On Sunday, Kangana slammed the film magazine after bagging a nomination for her performance in Thalaivii.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut decided to sue Filmfare magazine after they invited and nominated her for Best Actress in a Leading Role this year for Thalaivii.

The actor claimed she had told the magazine team that she will never attend "anything which is morally deprived and unethical."

The magazine also withdrew her nomination, “given the irresponsible remarks”.

Our invitation to her was our effort in bringing together everyone in a collective celebration.

“My work is worship for me. I gained 20 kgs for Thalaivii, got high cholestrol and borderline thyroid as well.

Kangana is currently busy working on her film 'Emergency'.