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lone wolf quotes

“The hardest walk you can make, is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest.”

– Unknown

“Be like a lion and a wolf, then you have a big heart and the power of leadership.”

– Unknown

“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.”

– Lord Byron

“Well, I think breathing life into the Endangered Species Act, taking those wolves back into Yellowstone, restoring the salmon in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.”

– Bruce Babbitt

“Pacifists are like sheep who believe that wolves are vegetarians.”

– Yves Montand

“I knew a notorious reptile dealer who would send me animals for Area. I regret that. I mean, the landlord had wolves and an arctic fox upstairs and quite possibly a tiger.”

– Eric Goode

“For almost two centuries, American gray wolves, vilified in fact as well as fiction, were the victims of vicious government extermination programs. By the time the Endangered Species Act was passed in 1973, only a few hundred of these once-great predators were left in the lower 48 states.”

– Lydia Millet

“An audience can be like a pack of wolves.”

– Paul Mooney

“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”

– James Bovard

“When a wolf doesn’t want to do something, they look really cute.”

– Michelle Paver

“The wolf may fight the bear, but the rabbit always loses.”

– Robert Jordan

“Man is to man either a god or a wolf.”

– Desiderius Erasmus

“The wolves in the uniform with the license to do that.”

– Ehsan Sehgal

“It is madness for a sheep to talk of peace with a wolf.”

– French proverb

“Those are the voices of my brothers, darling; I love the company of wolves.”

– Angela Carter

wolf quotes about life

“A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.”

– George R.R. Martin

“She slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them.”

― R.M. Drake

“Wolves fail to hide their integrity just like the way men fail to hide their own animality.”

– Munia Khan

“If you run from a wolf, you may run into a bear.”

– Lithuanian

“Throw me to the wolves & I’ll return leading the pack”

― Unknown

“Some people aren’t who they say they are, be cautious of the company you keep, wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

– Unknown

“It never troubles the wolf how many the sheep may be.”

– Virgil

“A wolf is no less a wolf because he’s dressed in sheepskin and the devil is no less the devil because he’s dressed as an angel.”

– Lecrae

“I am not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I’m a wolf in wolf’s clothing.”

– Ricky Gervais

“The black wolf’s curse awakes every time that a full moon points in the middle of the sky.”

– Pet Torres

“Some might say that that while al Qaeda the organization may be basically dead, its ideology continues to thrive and to inspire ‘lone wolves’ to attack the United States.”

– Peter Bergen

“Let any pretty girl announce a divorce in Hollywood and the wolves come running. Fresh meat for the beast, and they are always hungry.”

– Hedy Lamarr

“We were poor, my mother and I, living in a world of doom and gloom, pessimism and bitterness, where storms raged and wolves scratched at the door.”

– Said Sayrafiezadeh

being a lone wolf quotes

“Lions, wolves, and vultures don’t live together in herds, droves or flocks. Of all animals of prey, man is the only sociable one. Every one of us preys upon his neighbor, and yet we herd together.”

– John Gay

“Well, wolves will pretty rarely hunt. You’re vulnerable if you’re on your own or injured. But for lone wolves, get up high, show them that you’re not injured, face ’em off, be authoritarian with it, and look ’em in the eye.”

– Bear Grylls

“The Company of Wolves is about how society teaches young women to look at themselves, and what to be afraid of. It’s about a girl learning that the world of sensuality and the unknown is not to be feared, that it’s worth getting your teeth into.”

– Neil Jordan

“If I were in a situation where I had to meet a pack of wolves and my family is with me, I’m going to be scared, but I’m not going to hide behind my son to protect me. They’re going to hide behind me.”

– Jon Seda

“I went to a lot of Chicago Wolves games when I was growing up… They would come out of the tunnel, the pyramid would be there, and the fire would come out of the pyramid. I thought it was the coolest thing.”

– Hilary Knight

“Apex predators are good for an environment in terms of biodiversity and trophic cascade – we have very few. But realistically, only a few areas could sustain free-roaming wolves in Britain, mostly in Scotland.”

– Sarah Hall

“When you have Liam Neeson in a film, no matter how good everyone else is, it’s a Liam Neeson film. And if there’s wolves, and you’re running, it’s about Liam Neeson running from wolves.”

– Frank Grillo

badass inspirational wolf quotes

“In politics you must always keep running with the pack. The moment that you falter and they sense that you are injured, the rest will turn on you like wolves.”

– R. A. Butler

“When I was young, I asked my priest how you could get to Heaven and still protect yourself from all the evil in the world. He told me what God said to his children. You are sheep among wolves. Be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.”

– Casey Affleck

“Wolves and women are relational by nature, inquiring, possessed of great endurance and strength. They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mate and their pack. Yet both have been hounded, harassed and falsely imputed to be devouring and devious, overly aggressive, of less value than those who are their detractors.”

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes

“Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.”

– James Bovard

“The Iranians have shot down drones. They tried to destroy the Saudi oil fields. They tried to storm our embassy. So, when my Democratic friends say we need appeasement, well appeasement hasn’t worked. And I think that we’ve learned, with respect to Iran, that weakness invites the wolves.”

– John Kennedy

“Don’t lower your expectations to fit into the world, you were born to stand out.”

– Unknown

“I didn’t change,i just woke up.”

– Unknown

“A wolf doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of sheep.”

– Unknown

“It is my nature to be kind, gentle, and loving… But know this: When it comes to matters of protecting my friend, my family, and my heart. Do not trifle with me. For I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know.”

– Unknown

native wolf quotes

“Your time is NOW. Start where you stand, and NEVER BACK DOWN!”

– Unknown

“Look into my eyes and you will see how bad I want it!”

– Unknown

leonardo DiCaprio quotes wolf of wall street

“Nobody Knows If A Stock’s Going Up, Down Or F***Ing Sideways, Least Of All Stockbrokers. But We Have To Pretend We Know.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“I’ll Tell You What, I’m Never Eating At Benihana Again. I Don’t Care Whose Birthday It Is.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“How’s Being Sober?” “It F Sucks.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“You Show Me A Pay Stub For $72,000, I Quit My Job Right Now And Work For You.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“I Choose Rich Every F Time.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“It Was Obscene In The Real World. But Who The F*** Wanted To Live There?”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“Then Two More Every Five Minutes After That Until One Of Us Passes The F*** Out.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“If Anyone Here Thinks I’m Superficial Or Materialistic, Go Get A Job At F* McDonald’s, ‘Cause That’s Where You F* Belong!”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“Fall In Love With The Person Who Enjoys Your Madness, Not An Idiot Who Forces You To Be Normal.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

the wolf of wall street quotes

“I Made $49 Million, Which Really P* Me Off Because It Was Three Shy Of A Million A Week.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“How The F*** Else Are You Supposed To Do This Job? Cocaine And Hookers, My Friend.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“When You Live Your Life By Poor Standards, You Inflict Damage On Everyone Who Crosses Your Path, Especially Those You Love.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“You Can Watch Me, Mock Me, Try To Block Me But You Cannot Stop Me.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

“Risk Is What Keeps Us Young.”

– Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes

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